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Having Faith—Expecting Your Baby Is On Its Way »

What if the key to becoming ‘expecting’, was learning to practice Positive Expectancy? What might happen if, even in the face of all of life’s uncertainty, we chose to become more resilient and hopeful in our thinking? In my HypnoFertility and Conception Coaching work with women hoping to become pregnant, I am often met with […]

Truth or Cellulite? »

Perception is a quirky thing. Because, sometimes, lurking in the not-too-hidden recesses of our minds, is a part of us that wants to keep us in pain, shame, hopelessness. And it often it does this by lying to us. Even in the face of evidence to the contrary. And we believe . . . We […]

Seven Strategies for Managing Everyday Stressors »

Life is challenging. We all know that. What we don’t often know is how to manage our reactions to everyday stressors. And, in general, it is those reactions that tend to make things feel bigger and harder, or smaller and more manageable. Here are a few suggestions that might be helpful in soothing your anxiety, […]

Narrating the Present—Being in the Now »

Sometimes we get lost. In the swirl and whirl of our thoughts. In the energy of our emotions. So lost, we can find ourselves angry, hurt, terrified, bewildered, or worried and out of time, in a memory we React to as if it were real in this very moment, or a prediction of a future […]