Birth By Hypnosis

Johanna Courtleigh, MA, Certified Hypnotherapist, expert in Hypnosis for BirthBIRTH by HYPNOSIS—Preparing for Childbirth

Would you like to . . .

* Feel calm and confident during your birthing experience

* Diminish sensations of pain during labor

* Learn to relax deeply and easily

* Have your birthing process be a harmonious co-creation with your baby

* Reduce the possibility of needing medication or other interventions, such as episiotomy, C-Section or forceps

* Build a life-long skill set for relaxation and self-care

Birth is the way we all arrived on the planet. Hypnosis for Birth, also known as HypnoBirthing, Birth by Hypnosis and Hypnobabies, is a powerful tool to help you learn to relax and bring your baby in peacefully.

In the work of Hypnosis for Birth, you begin to prepare for a beautiful experience by learning to utilize your mind and body to work together in a positive way to support you by relaxing peacefully during the birthing process.

Negative Hypnosis Equals Fear

In our culture, we have been taught that birth is a medical emergency. From early on, we are fed stories of fear and pain that prepare us to dread and resist the process. These may be the stories we’ve had passed down from our mothers and grandmothers. They are certainly the stories of our culture.

Our bodies are under our mind’s control. When we are in fear, we contract. Contraction causes suffering. Suffering causes more fear, which increases pain and further contraction. This is the body’s instinctual attempt to resist and protect itself. But birth is a natural process. Our body’s instinctual wisdom knows exactly what to do.

And there is another way . . .

Just as we can utilize Positive Expectancy and imagery to support fertility through the work of HypnoFertility, we can learn to induce a state of peace, joy, relaxation and positive expectancy by using our minds to support a smooth, graceful birthing experience.

We can move out of the stories our mothers and grandmothers told, and begin to create another story.

The mind is very receptive to suggestion. It reacts. If I started telling you about something scary that might happen, you might feel anxiety, increased heart beat, shortness of breath. If I told you about something thrilling, you’d have another experience. Joy, excitement, pleasure. If I asked you to imagine biting into a wedge of lemon, you might be able to see it, smell it, taste the sour in your mouth, feel your mouth beginning to salivate.

We are always reacting emotionally, and thus physically, to what we are thinking. Our minds are highly suggestible and thus, highly creative.

Our minds control every part of our bodies completely. In Birth by Hypnosis you learn to use your mind to control your body in a way that engages your creativity and your subconscious mind to create and expect a positive birthing experience. You learn to re-program your bio-computer to support you and replace the old messages of pain and fear with positive images and expectations of a gentle, easy, comfortable birthing experience.

Johanna Courtleigh, MA, Certified Hypnotherapist, expert in Hypnosis for Birth

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

I work with you and your birthing partner, helping you to become allies in creating an easier, gentler process where you are in a state of peace and positive expectancy during labor, readying to welcome in your new son or daughter.

Thus you are able to approach the birth experience with more confidence, knowing that your baby is coming to you at just the right time, in just the right way, and that you are able to meet the experience from a place of internally-supported calm.

Research shows that women using hypnosis during labor have a more positive birth experience, shorter labor time and less sensation, and require less medication. They also need fewer interventions, such C-sections, episiotomy or forceps.

What is Hypnosis for Childbirth?

Birth by Hypnosis® is a hypnotic process specifically designed to support women and their partners during childbirth. In our work together, I assist you to use your mind as an ally in creating a state of deep relaxation that interrupts the fear-tension-pain cycle.

Hypnosis for Birth allows you to invite your body and mind to be more relaxed and focused during labor, as well as to help create a peaceful, welcoming state mentally and emotionally, where you are opening to love and joy in anticipating meeting your baby. 

I teach you tools and self-hypnosis techniques, including a process called Hypno-Anesthesia, which literally allows you to create a state of numbness during childbirth.

This is not only important for your comfort level, but reduces your baby’s stress throughout the birth process.

Women all over the world have found Birth by Hypnosis to be a beautiful, supportive, powerful process that has successfully supported them during their birth experience.

These are tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

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