Meeting Your Baby Before Birth

Johanna Courtleigh, MA, Certified Hypnotherapist, expert in Hypnosis for BirthA mother’s relationship with her child begins long before birth. But sometimes we are disconnected from the fact that we are actually going to have a baby.

Disconnection from one’s pregnancy can occur for various reasons. Some of these include when a woman has been so focused on her work, relationship or other children, that she hasn’t made time to stop and really say ‘hello’ to the little one growing inside her.

Sometimes there is remorse and guilt due to a previous pregnancy that was terminated.

Or reluctance to begin to bond because another pregnancy was lost, and there is still unresolved sorrow and fear.

“Thank you for introducing me to my baby in the hours before his birth. I have much love and appreciation for the support you gave me during my pregnancy and following.”  

If the mother’s partner is ambivalent about having a baby, she may be reluctant to connect and fall in love deeply with the baby who is on its way.

Whatever the reason, there is a communication that occurs between the mother and the growing little one that can be enhanced through the hypnotic process.

I can help you start your relationship now, and begin to make a deeper connection to the new son or daughter growing within you.

Expectant parents have found this process really helpful, hopeful and supportive.

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